I basically finished one aileron. I’m almost done with the second one. I still need 3 more sheets of 1/16″ plywood, and one more sheet of 1/8″ plywood. This is to finish everything left on the wing (nose wrap, aileron spar web).

I did get back to the fuselage though and started on the turtle deck. I decided on a squared off type deck that is flat on top then angles down on both sides. So basically it has three flat planes. The same is true for cowling area/deck over the gas tank in front of the cockpit. I did tihs for simplicity and to allow for me to have a very small storage compartment directly behind the seat.

I also am trying to sell t he 1/2 VW engine that will go on the front. It’s just not what I was hoping for, so instead I’ll mount the Rotax 277. I found a fellow who will sell me a Rotax 277 mount from a J-3 kitten.

Things are progressing well. I think it “may” be possible to be done before Christmas this year.

Well when I purchased the project it came with a 1/2 VW engine. The seller told me it was 37 hp, but couldn’t produce anything to prove the same. I just took him for his word and then recently thought about double checking to see what the HP really would be. So I took out my trusty ruler and pulled off one of the cylinder heads and measured the bore and stroke.

This is what I came up with:

(92.07 mm) – Bore
(69.84 mm) – stroke

It seems to me that it’s Likely 32 hp. I asked Scott Cassler via email, and he confirmed.

So I’m slightly disappointed. Not that 32 hp is bad, I just was hoping for the bigger 37 hp version.

So I’ve elected to sell the 1/2 VW engine. It’s currently up for sale on Barnstormers.

Right now I’m working on the ailerons. I have the first one pretty much done. The plans were slightly vague with describing the order pieces should be placed. I figured it out though. If anyone has a question about this, just post here and I can explain in further detail. My hope is that I can document this a lot better.

I haven’t done anything to the plane since I picked it up. I’ve been working too much on restoring this Weedhopper Model C. You can learn more about that at http://ereksonfamily.org/weedhopper/. I fear that if I divert my attention to working on the Ragwing, I’ll forget to work on the weedhopper.

I don’t have ADD like my wife, but when it comes to building projects, at times I sometimes wonder.

Well I’m overall pretty pleased with how the project has held up. However, I know now why it was being sold. The guy who I bought it from didn’t have the slightest idea what  he was doing, and at some point finally figured it out. Pretty much all the extra work done by him since I gave up the project back in 2002 will have to be re-done.

  • The turtle deck is too heavy and built in front of the rear cabanes rather than behind them.
  • At some point he or another person thought that the elevator push rod (3/4″ tube) was not the way to go, and so they fabricated some crazy mess of a mechanism that was 1/2 way down the tail and crooked. I posted some pics under the “controls” area of this website. You can see why I didn’t like that idea.
  • He used non-AC grade 1/4″ plywood in various places, most of which don’t require 1/4″ plywood. These included the ailerons, the seat back, the turtle deck, the firewall, and the instrument panel. The seat back is supposed to be 1/4″ plywood, but AC grade not some cheap craft store version with a foam core of sorts.

other than that, it’s pretty much the same plane. I should be able to get these items corrected shortly and get back on track.

So I located the project. I don’t want to say where it was, but lets just say it wasn’t Texas and it wasn’t Washington where it was started. I ended up renting a u-haul trailer and towing it behind my XL7. It worked just fine. I was very surprised to be able to bring the plane home in such a small trailer.

I would say that a 1/3 of the plane was sticking out the back of the trailer for the entire trip (I tied the door open). It didn’t rain until a few minutes after I pulled into my driveway at home! However, that little rain left a few water stains that I’ll need to clean up before I seal the wood. I don’t foresee a problem though.

After searching and searching I have located the same Ragwing Sport Parasol (RW6) that I was bulding as a teenager. I don’t want to say where it is, or who is selling it, but I will say that I’m looking to buy it and bring it home.

The plane has the wings mostly built, the fuselage built, the gear up, the tail feathers built and covered, and part of the fuselage covered. It also comes with a 1/2 VW engine and prop. The fella who is selling the plane says it’s the 37 HP version. I’ll have to take a look and see if I can convince the wife to let me go pick it up!