So as luck would have it, I sold my weedhopper that I rebuilt from the ground up. I put a Rotax 277 on the plane that I took off of a Minimax that I sold. Oddly enough, the fellow who bought the Weedhopper doesn’t need the engine as he has a 37 hp 1/2 VW engine. I sold the weedhopper less the engine. Now I have an engine for my Ragwing!

I have some reservations that it may be underpowered. However, that 277 was on the front of a minimax before that weighed 350 lbs empty. This Parasol better not be close to that. I might be able to live with 280-290, but not 350. I’m actually hoping I can meet Ultralight weights at 254 lbs. I know it’s unlikely unless I spend the big bucks and go with a 28-30 hp Hirth F-33 that weighs only 45 lbs. Too bad that engine wasn’t around years ago.

I’m building to meet ultralight weights, but preparing incase I’ll need to register it Experimental AB.

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