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So I’m thinking that with the Kawasaki 340 that I just snagged that maybe  if I go with a 2.8 to 1 redrive and a 60X36 prop I would get 65 mph at 6000 rpm. A fellow I know who owns a Fisher Avenger has this setup and is getting those numbers.

A new exhaust arrived today for my Rotax 277. It’s the “Fisher” style exhaust. I currently have a different stile that I don’t want to fiddle around with. This will look better mounted down and below the fuselage, or to the side without the door. I’ll add some pictures when I get a chance. They will likely be listed  under the “engine” area of the site.

I found an purchased an engine mount this past week on Barnstormers. It’s from a J-3 kitten where the owner changed from a Rotax 277 to a Rotax 447 and needed a different setup. The mount looks to be built well with welded steel tubing (like the pro’s) that bolts at 4 points to the fuselage. I got the measurements from the seller, and it doesn’t appear that they will be a problem. The mount was only $105 with shipping. This will surely make mounting the Rotax 277 much easier!

When viewing the two photos, disregard the yellow landing gear leg. I didn’t purchase that.

So as luck would have it, I sold my weedhopper that I rebuilt from the ground up. I put a Rotax 277 on the plane that I took off of a Minimax that I sold. Oddly enough, the fellow who bought the Weedhopper doesn’t need the engine as he has a 37 hp 1/2 VW engine. I sold the weedhopper less the engine. Now I have an engine for my Ragwing!

I have some reservations that it may be underpowered. However, that 277 was on the front of a minimax before that weighed 350 lbs empty. This Parasol better not be close to that. I might be able to live with 280-290, but not 350. I’m actually hoping I can meet Ultralight weights at 254 lbs. I know it’s unlikely unless I spend the big bucks and go with a 28-30 hp Hirth F-33 that weighs only 45 lbs. Too bad that engine wasn’t around years ago.

I’m building to meet ultralight weights, but preparing incase I’ll need to register it Experimental AB.

Well when I purchased the project it came with a 1/2 VW engine. The seller told me it was 37 hp, but couldn’t produce anything to prove the same. I just took him for his word and then recently thought about double checking to see what the HP really would be. So I took out my trusty ruler and pulled off one of the cylinder heads and measured the bore and stroke.

This is what I came up with:

(92.07 mm) – Bore
(69.84 mm) – stroke

It seems to me that it’s Likely 32 hp. I asked Scott Cassler via email, and he confirmed.

So I’m slightly disappointed. Not that 32 hp is bad, I just was hoping for the bigger 37 hp version.

So I’ve elected to sell the 1/2 VW engine. It’s currently up for sale on Barnstormers.