The following message was taken from the yahoo 1/2 VW mailing list:

“What ever you do DON’T cut the case. You will get in to more work and no good benifit from cutting the case. The part one cuts weighs 4 pounds and 1 pound can be removed  by cutting the tansmission flange off it. This only covered the clutch on the car. The first thing you cut off is your engine mount, then you have to put a back on it (adding angle to the bottom of the case) which results in more weight and lots of extra work. Then you will have to have some sort of a oil cooler which equates to more weight and more work. Then you will have a lot more crank case pressure and will need to add a set of reed valves to take care of that which again results in more weight and more work. There is NO benifit to cutting the case and I don’t see why others keep cutting it. ” –Leonard Milholland

In response one fellow made the following important comment:

“While I agree if you are building some kind of open frame E-AB aircraft that avoiding cutting the case makes a lot of sense from the simplicity and cost perspective if you are building an ultralight there may be an advantage to the cut case version and if you are building a Hummelbird or an Ultracruiser the half VW is the only way to go. The work of modifying the airframe to accept an uncut 1/2 VW in these two instances is off the chart, much easier to just build a cut case engine Morry’s way if you have the capability to do so or buy one from Scott if you don’t.

Three years into it’s flying lifetime I’m still astonished at what my 37 hp Hummelbird can do. Yes there is a lot of custom stuff in that engine but 620 fpm climb and 107 mph cruise on 1.7 gph Autogas with a 195 lb. pilot? Are you kidding me?!! Nope. It’s all that and more.

Cut case is a good deal in the right airplane.

Uncut case is a good deal in the right airplane.

Choose yer poison boys, it’s time to go flying!” – Bill

Below is a great little short video of a 1/2 VW engine running. This will be the identical setup I will use on this plane (except my case will be yellow).