The plans don’t specify how to connect up a Pitot tube if you elect to use a standard airspeed indicator. So you have to come up with your own design or method of connecting one. Some people have elected to run them through the wing which requires planning ahead of time during construction of the wing. Others have run it on the front wing strut after completion.

“This is what I did on my RW6 and I do not think much of it but it works. I ran 1/4” nylon line like they use on some homebuilt brake lines thru the wing before covering. I allowed lots of extra because I really did not have a plan. After the wings were installed I cut out the access openings and ran the nylon tube along the jury strut and the wing strut to the static tube and pitot tube. I left lots of tube hanging out of the butt rib and ran it down the cabane strut to the airspeed indicator. I used a bunch of ugly adel clamps to attach the pitot and static tubes on the wing strut. you want the pitot far enough away from the wing that the wing influence on the static air pressure does not effect the airspeed indicator. I had to place a air dam on the static tube to make the airspeed indicate right. In my opinion this is too much crap hanging out in the wind. I think someday I will drill a hole thru the leading edge ply and spar web and put an access opening in the fabric and have the pitot and static tube stick out of the wing.” -Wayne McIntosh RW6 N203WM