One of the major concerns I have with my particular 1/2 VW is the limited power of 32 HP turning a short 52″ or 54″ prop. The actual amount of thrust (likely 125-140 lbs) doesn’t even compare to a 28 hp Rotax 277 w/ 2.58 reduction turning a 60×28 prop and get 160 lbs of thrust. Or a 32 hp Kawasaki 340 w/ a 2.9:1 reduction turning a 72″ prop and get 210 lbs of thrust. This is where two strokes dominate.

According to Scott at Hummel Engines:

The 32 hp 1/2 VW produces around 140 lbs. The 37 hp 175 lbs. and the 45 hp produces around 215 lbs.

Here is a video showing a guy with a 1/2 VW powered minimax. As you know the minimax is almost identical to the Ragwing except for a midwing configuration rather than parasol. The video shows a very under powered airplane stalling in a shallow climb and mushing into the ground. This guy had one or two major problems. The engine was not turning up enough RPM and developing enough thrust, or the plane was grossly over weight. Either or both would cause the problem in this video.