LSA Flying around the Hartford, CT area:

Moving to the Hartford, CT area from Dallas, TX has meant a change in where and what I fly. I’ve been researching “rental” options. I was flying a Sonex, but that has sold. I am building this Ragwing, but until it’s done I need something to fly! Here is what I’ve found.

The best option for the money, and for the plane I love is for a Piper Cub to rent that is only an hour away in Mass! The J-3 rents for $90.00 per hour and $40.00 for instruction.

Main instructor: Ed Urbanowski — 508-344-8930
Spencer Airport
204 Paxton Road
Spencer, MA 01562-1430
(508) 885-5060 ‎


 Here are some other options:

Option A) The Northampton Airport which is a privately owned, public use airport located in Northampton, Massachusetts.

- There is a Flight Design CTLS

Cost: $92.00/hr (All prices are wet, which includes fuel and oil.)
Equipment: VFR
Year: 2009

See info here –

The Gobosh 700S

Cost: $105.00/hr (All prices are wet, which includes fuel and oil.)
Year: 2007

See info here -

Option B) There is another one just north of me in Hartford, CT. They have a Flight Design CTLS like the one in Mass. Haven’t found out their rates yet.

Option C) I may actually like this one the best. Sadly it’s a ways away up in New Hampshire, but I have family up that way, so I’m sure I can make the trip. They have a classic Piper Cub for rental! – $80.

Piper Cub – $80/hr
ar_1-PiperCub ar_2-PiperCub

Option D)This may not be an actual option. I saw on a random website that there is a local airport that may be giving Cub instruction. I still need to research this.

Candlelight Farms Airport, 11N
5 Green Pond Road

New Milford, CT 06776 map

Hartford, CT Metro Area

(203) 770-4373
Information not found