Aerovee Engine

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The AeroVee 2.1 package is a 2180 cc, 80 hp Aero-Engine that can be run on 100LL or Auto Fuel. Our engine is setup to run on 100LL as this provides the most power and prevents all the ethonol problems that abound in Auto Fuel. It is setup with a 8.0814:1 compression ratio. The complete package weighs 161 lbs! All of the company supplied components are brand-new, zero-time parts.

The new AeroVee 2.1 features a purpose-built custom crankshaft that has a larger diameter and longer prop hub interface. This new design also eliminates the distributor drive gear and the racer spacer, making for an easier assembly. AeroVee 2.1 continues to use standard bearings, eliminating the need for custom bearings and allowing for easy replacement at overhaul time. All external steel conversion components are also now zinc plated for improved aesthetics and additional corrosion resistance.

The AeroVee comes as a complete kit that you can assemble yourself in approximately 12 hours, with the aid of an AeroVee Assembly Manual and an instructional DVD.  An AeroVee engine on-line discussion group is also available. We did an engine rebuild after an oil leak showed up and completed the rebuild in less than 12 hours. We had to rebuild the engine due to a hairline crack in the case. I think it was the luck of the draw as there was bound to be one fluke case in their shipment from Brazil.

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