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Re: Solution found for cyl head temp problem

Hi all, Mark 179ES here

Scott asked me to outline the procedure to set the secondary timing to the primary.  As Scott stated it takes two to do this and a good inductive timing light also.  You need the tools to do the adjustment.  A small allen wrench to loosen the secondary pick up coils and an allen wrench to adjust the timing magnet.

First make the marks on your prop hub the same way you would for static timing.  The prop bolt works best because then you can find exactly 180 degrees very easily and mark that point also.  Then hook the timing light to #1 primary spark plug wire.  This should be the top wire on the left side as you’re sitting in the seat.  You may want to make a pointer to aim exactly to the painted mark you put on the prop bolts.  Start the engine and adjust the pointer to the painted mark on the bolt.  Line the pointer up to the mark.  Then hook the light to the lower plug on #1 secondary spark plug wire.  Start the engine and with the light, the marks should line up exactly to be in time.  I wouldn’t make an adjustment yet.  Just make a note of how far it is off and which direction from the pointer.

Now hook the timing light to the Primary #3 spark plug wire.  Make sure you have marked the 180 degrees from the other mark you have been reading then start and check the pointer to that mark.  Do not move the pointer after your first setting.  It should look the same as #1 primary with the light.  Then check the lower plug with the light.  If they line up as they should, they are timed correctly.  If not, then make note of how far and if both secondaries are of the same distance.  If so adjust the center magnet the opposite direction that you need to move the mark on the prop hub to bring it into line with the pointer.  If the timing marks are off a different distance on the secondary then you need to loosen the pickup and slightly move them around the center pickup until they read with the light the same timing on front and rear.

When you are done all four light readings will be in the center of the pointer.  This isn’t hard but if you can find someone that has done timing with a timing light they will help a lot.  Also there is no need to check timing on #2 and #4 they will be the same.  I hope this is so you can understand.  If not just respond and I will try to clear up the MUD!

Mark 179ES

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