Tunning the Aero Carb

I am apart of the Aerovee online discussion group that is hosted by Yahoo.com – On that group the following message was posted from AeroConversions about the Aero Carb on 12/3/2010.

“…Most of the 1000+ AeroCarb owners have excellent success in tuning (the aerocarb)
right out of the box. It is the standard experience here at the Sonex
Factory for us to tune a new AeroCarb/AeroInjector installation in less than
2 hours and not have to touch it again until climate conditions change
significantly. (once in fall and once in spring).

Sonex strongly encourages all AeroCarb owners to refer to the detailed and
step-by-step instructions for tuning supplied in the AeroCarb Manual. The
tuning instructions are on pages 20 to 24. The best advice we can give is to
only look at one variable at a time. In our experience supporting these
Injector Carbs for the past 12 years, individuals tend to change more than
one thing at a time, leading to a lot of tail chasing and wasted time.

In the hands of a user who takes the time to understand and properly set up
an AeroInjector or AeroCarb, the most powerful, simple, efficient, and
versatile engine installation will be achieved.

As always, please feel free to contact Betty, John, Jeremy, Kerry, Mark,
Heather Z, Jason, Stephanie, or Heather W at the numbers or e-mails below
with any questions or Comments.

-Sonex Aircraft, LLC

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